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Dog Island Event

April 23-25, Red Bluff, Calif.
RACW Event


I have the honor to report on the recent encampment and subsequent engagement at the town of Red Bluff, California on the 23d through the 25 inst. The following cannoneers of Hurt's Battery were present for duty:

The Battery Battery
Capt. Ken Janson Ken
Sgt. Tom Phinney Tom
Mess Sgt. Linda Kalayjian Linda
Cpl. John Kalayjian John
Pvt. Jeff Holtzclaw Jeff
Pvt. Ty LaRiviere Ty
Pvt. Debbie Grace Debbie
Pvt. Chris Locklin Chris
Pvt. James LaRiviere James
Pvt. Brittany Ziegler Brittany


Elements of the Battery began arriving Thursday afternoon to start establishing camp and to prepare for the School Day that was scheduled on the morrow.

On Friday Capt. Janson along with Miss Carrie Rarden of The Thrown Together Band spoke to the students concerning the causes of the war and after playing period tunes discussed the significant role music of the time had for the soldiers and civilians alike.

School Day
Friday evening was dedicated to finishing camp setup, safety testing and gun drill. drill
We were most fortunate to have the Baltimore Light Artillery of the CCWS by our side for the gun drill. This fine new 3" ordnance gun was commanded by Cpl. Jonathan Berg — his first time on the field as a chief of piece. drill-2
Friday night, nothing would do but we should have some music around the fire. Friday Night
The battles in the main were extraordinarily successful with our gun line consisting of the now properly christened Sophia Antoinette Barksdale... battle-1
...fighting along side her was her sister 3" gun from the CCWS and the ACWA mortar under the command of Sgt. Paul Vancas. battle-2
The battle scenario that best showed off the awesome power of Sophia Antoinette was that in which we ran the gun forward using the prolong, set up near the right front of our line and when the Yankees attempted a break-through, we fired double canister straight into the ranks of the 72d NYSV utterly destroying their line. prolong
The Yankees approach our line. battle-4
Death on the field. deatah
  from the trees
Farkling in camp. farkle
Yes, we'll rally 'round the bunnie flag, we'll rally once again. bunnie
Brigade parade. parade

Seeing the elephant in these engagements were Pvt. James LaRiviere and Pvt. Brittay Ziegler. James performed exemplary execution serving on the crew of Sophia Antoinette proving himself an excellent cannoneer. Brittany came to the school day as part of a school choral group and was much taken with our "doings". She asked to join up and we were happy to welcome into the fold.

All present expressed extreme satisfaction with the Dog Island event. The weather, while slightly warm, was far from oppressive, the setting was beautiful and the battle scenarios executed very well indeed. One and all cheered Mess Sgt. Linda Kalayjian for a very superior cuisine that was enjoyed by many — at least one of which "kind of snuck in", but he was welcome nonetheless. The only regret expressed was that Pvt. Bill Duncan was not able to be present due to an ornery knee that simply would not cooperate with rest of his body.

Friday evening at the Battery meeting it was decided to have annual Battery dues of $10 per member. Decisions were also taken relating to our 2010 calendar and which events we would participate in as a Battery (see the Calendar Page).

Report submitted by

Capt. Ken Janson
Hurt's Battery
Photos by Sgt. Kalayjian & Capt. Janson