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Dog Island Reenactment

Red Bluff, Calif. April 27-29, 2012

This year's event at Dog Island Park had an especially beautiful setting with the trees and bushes wearing their newest light green spring leaves. The cottonwoods had not yet sent out the fluffy seeds that give them their name. They were kind enough to hold off until Sunday afternoon when the seed flurries began. The temperatures were warm and the days were sunny. On Thursday afternoon we started setting up a fine looking camp with mess Sgt. Linda Kalayjian's kitchen sporting a new larger awning:

Dog IslandDog Island

Present for duty at this event were:

Capt. Ken Janson
1st Sgt. Tom Phinney
Sgt. Linda Kalayjian
Cpl. Jethro Holtzclaw
Pvt. John Kalajian
Pvt. Jefferson Kuhn
Pvt. Debbie Grace
Pvt. Jerry Miller
Pvt. Jeffy "Pigpen" Leecing

Though an experienced reenactor Pvt. Leecing saw the elephant as an artilleryman at this event. Diligent in his training and in the execution of his position on the gun...
Dog Island
he nonetheless had occasion to kiss our dear Sophia on the vent in atonement for certain mistakes during training...
Dog Island

Capt. Janson, Sgt. Kalayjian and Miss Carrie Rarden presented a period music station for the Friday School Day and again to the general public on Saturday and Sunday...
Dog Island Dog IslandDog IslandDog Island
Dog Island

The four battles went well with the Saturday combats being especially well executed...
Dog IslandDog Island
Dog IslandDog Island
Dog IslandDog Island
Dog IslandDog Island
Dog IslandDog Island
Dog IslandDog Island

After Sunday morning's battle the Battery presented an artillery demonstration to the public which was well attended...
Dog IslandDog Island
Dog Island

All in all this was an excellent event with Hurt's Alabama Battery rendering great service to the Confederate Brigade, the RACW and the hobby.