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Site updated: October 11, 2017

A re-created Civil War unit of the Army of Northern Virginia

Headquartered in the State of Jefferson: southern Oregon and far north state California
with members beyond those borders.

Flying Artillery

Hurt's Battery Battle Song Lyrics

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A Confederate Reenactor's cogitations on Slavery and Racism


The Confederate Battle Flag and Its Meaning

Interview with John Coski,
Historian, American Civil War Museum  


Slide show of the Battery's participation in the
Marysville Event, Sept 22-24, 2017


9 photographs

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Photos of the Camp Sherman Event

The Sentinel

Moore Park
The 3" ordnance gun speaks the gospel at the Moore Park (Oregon) Event

Hawes Ranch 2015
Sophia Antoinette, Corp. Holtzclaw and Private Leecing at Hawes Ranch 2015 Calif. Event

Belle Boyd
Hurt's Battery's 2nd Company's Belle Boyd at Fallon, Nevada Aug 2014

Hardaway's Battery 1861-1863 was formed at the beginning of the War as a heavy artillery unit by Robert A. Hardaway recruiting men from the east-central Alabama counties of Russell, Macon, and Tallapoosa. Hardaway, himself, paid for most of the unit's equipage and uniforms. The Battery's first service was in one of the four fortifications defending the town of Manassas Junction, VA starting in June of 1861. The Battery became a field artillery unit in early 1862 when the defensive line at Manassas was abandoned.

Hurt's Battery 1863-1865. William B. Hurt became the Battery's commander when Robert A. Hardaway was promoted to Major and transferred to the 1st Virginia Artillery Regiment early in 1863.

The modern Hurt's Battery is part of the Reenactors of the American Civil War (RACW) and Battle Born Civil War Reenactors (BBCWR)with members in Northern CA, northwestern Nevada and southern Oregon.

Elements of the Battery participate in
Battle Reenactments
, School Programs, and a variety of Living History Presentations.

If history in general and American Civil War history in particular are things that you find interesting, even compelling,
then you are most cordially invited to
join us

History of the Battery

Marching Song

Billy Hurt's Big Guns

(Tune: The Boys from the County Cork)
Lyrics: © Ken Janson 2010

You've read in history’s pages the heros of great fame,
The deeds they done, the battles won And how they made their name.
But the bravest e’er that ever was no matter where you roam
Were the boys who come in ’61 to defend their hearth and home.

Here’s to proud Virginia, the Carolinas, too.
To the bold hearts come from Texas brave, all men forever true.
But the boys who stood up proudest then, fair Alabama’s sons,
To Billy Hurt’s brave Bama Boys, To Billy Hurt’s Big Guns!

In the bloody fight 'round Richmond town we sent them round on round.
In the thickest of the battle fray, Alabama stood her ground.
For Liberty we’ll stay the course. Hurt’s Battery will stand.
And hark, the foemen best beware our guns so sure and grand.


At Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville we gave them shot and shell.
With Whitworth bolt and Rifle Gun we sent them straight to… well
From Russell, Macon, Tallapoosa counties we have come.
And we won’t retreat or give it up ’til Marse Bob says it’s done.